Catalog 20 (Australia Only)

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Blouse-Sleeves-Comb Black Sateen and Red Pucca, Bust up to 142cm, Lace trim on the neck #152
Dress-Long Left and Right-black sateen with Ulos Bintang Maratur N Batik Tulis Appliques, Full Lace Trims and Brooch #158
Outer-Comb Sateen and Red Pucca with Ulos Ragi Hidup Appliques and Lace Trims #169
Set: Black sateen tie skirt N black sateen Top, pucca+ragi hidup appliques with 2 brooches (reversable) #180
Set: Red tie skirt and Kebaya Kartini Ulos Bintang Maratur and Batik Tulis Appliques-brooch-button and lace #266
Dress-Black sateen asymmetry dress with Ulos Bintang Maratur, Lace trims and handcraft brooch #267
Top-Green sateen kebaya kartini with gorga batak appliques, lace trims and beaded #268
Set: black sateen tie skirt N Ulos Ragi Hidup Kebaya Kartini, appliques, beaded, lace trims and brooch-button #269
Top-green sateen with appliques of Ulos Sadum and Batik Tulis, full lace trims, beaded and brooch #270
Outer-Black sateen with Black pucca, lace trims and brooch-button #271