Catalog 18 (Australia Only)

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Top-Gold Cornelly Lace Sleeveless Kartini-Lace Trims-Bust 110cm-Handraft Brooch-Button #250 (N/A)
Top-Batwing Batik Dobby-Bust 120cm #251 (N/A)
Top-Maroon Comb of Lace and Fur. All Size. #252
Top-Pink Nagita Lace with Lace Trims and Handcraft Brooch. Bust up to 140cm #253 (N/A)
Blouse-Terracotta Lace and Handcraft Brooch. Bust 120cm. #254 (N/A)
Top/Tunic-Gold Nagita Lace-Penguin Style with Handcraft Brooch as the Detail. Bust 110cm #255
Top/Cape-Shanghai-Green Moss Lace with Handcraft Brooch-Button. All size. #256
Top-Red Sleeveless Lace-Kartini-Bust 110cm, Lace Trims with Handcraft Brooch-Button. #257 (N/A)
Dress-Maroon Ues Nipes (Karo). Bust 110cm. Combination of Lace and Karo’s Ulos plus Sateen. Lace Trims and Handcraft Brooch #258 (N/A)